If you are aiming to become one of the best lawyers in commercial law and intellectual property rights, you should start working with us.

Work means a lot. But not everything. It is important that our employees are given the opportunity to find a good balance between work and leisure time. We are also particular that it should be good for both clients and employees to be with us. At the same time, of course we celebrate skills and ambition and that we deliver the best possible for our clients. The sharp elbows we leave aside. Here it is the team and the result that counts. And then we must also act, thinking as a team and support each other.

At Gulliksson, you work closely with our legal experts in a number of fields. Our experienced lawyers support new employees and you will quickly be given the opportunity to work with qualified and exciting tasks.

Activities are mainly carried out at our offices in Malmö, Lund and Stockholm. We have a clear international flair and cooperate with representatives in most of the countries around the world. At the same time, at Gulliksson you will enjoy the many benefits of working at a medium-sized firm. Here, every employee is an important part of the whole and you never risk disappearing in the crowd.

The equity partners at the firm are leading the work within the framework of a so-called true partnership. This means, among other things, that activities at all the offices are operated as a single company, where profit is shared equally between the equity partners.

Open positions

At the moment we have no open positions.

Spontaneous application

We are always interested in coming into contact with potential employees with the right skills and personality. Feel free to contact us with an application showing your interest if you would like to work with us. Please use the application form below.

If you are a student

Are you interested in an internship? Or would you like to come and work for us while studying? Use the application form below to apply.