Strategic design and trademark protection

There are a number of different legal regulations designed to protect the appearance of the products, product components, graphic profiles, colours, fonts or other visual expressions. For many companies today, product marketing or marketing appearance is a central part in the competition with others. A protection strategy for design is intended to safeguard the great value that is inherent in an exclusive right to product design and graphical expression.

Gulliksson has for decades worked with strategic design protection of world leading companies at the cutting edge of design protection.

We are one of the few law firms that handle design registrations and court cases on a global level and are authorized to represent companies directly before the EU registration authority for trademarks and designs, OHIM, in Alicante. Also in other parts of the world, we will help you to seek protection through the international registration system. . We also assess whether a design can be used without coming into conflict with other rights.

Gulliksson has frequent cases in the borderland between the protection of a technical idea and the protection of a design, and has successfully built protection strategies by using different rights to protect the design.