Tales of innovation

Are you interested in group breaking research, genius inventions, energetic entrepreneurs and other creative forces that shapes our world? Then “Tales of innovation” is the book for you. It gives you access to the history of innovations and the difficulties that are involved in all pioneering work.

Read about historic innovators like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Melitta Bentz, Rudolf Diesel and successful concepts like McDonald’s, Gillette and Google.

Read interesting storys and facts about everything from creative design and patent strategies to well-known brands and shameless pirate copies. The coffee table book feel in combination with easy to read articles makes this the perfect gift to both business colleagues and friends.

Facts about the book

Writer: Jonas Gulliksson, Olle Benner
Editor: Jessika Nord
Design: Jan Emzén
Language: Engelska
Format: Inbunden
Pages: 215
Publication year: 2010
Responsible publishers: Ström & Gulliksson, Advokatbyrån Gulliksson
ISBN: 978-91-633-7706-8


You can buy the book (first edition) för 329 SEK including taxes and shipping costs.

Order the book by sending an e-mail to exklusivt@sg.se that includes information about number of copies, commercial registration number, delivery adress and shipping adress.