The law firm for idea-driven companies

A unique combination of intellectual property and business law

Our combination of intellectual property and business law makes us the primary choice as a business law firm and advisor for knowledge-intensive and idea-driven companies. Our expertise in IP assets has given us a market-leading position. Our clients choose us for the skills needed to protect, develop and commercialize their most important assets.

Our clients include global groups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, scale-ups, municipalities and authorities. Common to all our clients is a high rate of innovation and most are market leaders with international connections.

Clients hire us for our expertise, as counsel in specific transactions and for day-to-day advice. Our breadth as well as our clear focus on intellectual property law has given us specialist expertise in a variety of industries, which in turn provides synergy effects that benefit our clients.

Our collaborations and working methods are characterized by openness and strategic advice with the client’s business needs in focus.
In other words – The fine art of business and intellectual property law.

Networks and strong partnerships – we guide you in international business.

Following our clients and supporting their business even outside the country’s borders is a matter of course. We have solid experience of international assignments, establishment abroad and complex international agreements, negotiations and disputes.

We have established contacts with several of the leading law and patent firms around the world. Our own, and independent, global network of lawyers, trademark, design and patent attorneys is the result of a clear strategy from the company’s foundation. Through our network, we can help you bridge and manage cultural differences, an important factor to consider in international business contexts.

Our partnerships are never based on exclusivity but on freedom of choice. Our clients’ needs determine the choice of an international team of counsel. Gulliksson is also affiliated with a large number of national and international organizations, providing access to an extensive knowledge base and valuable contacts.

Protecting, developing and commercializing our clients’ most important assets – a clear focus and strategy since 1975

Advokatbyrån Gulliksson was developed as part of Advokatbyrån Ström & Gulliksson – the only combined law and patent firm in Sweden. The business concept from the start in 1975 was to integrate business law and intellectual property law in order to offer a complete and distinctly commercial service for the protection, development and commercialization of our clients’ most important assets.

The law firm became a separate company in 2001 – Advokatbyrån Gulliksson – and Ström & Gulliksson became a pure patent agency. The unique co-operation between the companies has continued since then, reinforced by the close proximity of offices in all locations where we operate.

Our history and special background form the basis of who we are today – a leading firm in the field of intellectual property law with a complete range of services in both intellectual property law and business law.

It is a position that we are now nurturing in order to continue to be the primary choice for the knowledge-intensive company and to attract the best lawyers to our team.

Board of directors

Gulliksson’s Board of Directors and Managing Partner are responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm.


Gulliksson is ranked as one of the leading law firms by various ranking institutes. Here we have exemplified what some of the largest international institutes write about us.