We protect, develop and commercialize your most important assets.

Gulliksson offers a full range of services in the field of intellectual property and commercial law, combined with a specialist expertise in a variety of industries. We will assist you in all stages from strategic analysis and protection to commercialization and managing your disputes.

All businesses are affected and influenced by a number of commercial law issues. With Gulliksson you will receive well-grounded and proactive advice within most areas of commercial law. You can engage us for specific questions or as general adviser.

Intellectual property law is a system that can be used strategically to protect various types of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyright, patents and designs. It is a central legal area for the innovative company. As specialists, we can help you evaluate, register, commercialize and defend your rights and thereby contribute to business- security and success. Read more.

In addition to pure legal knowledge, different industry sectors require certain industry-specific knowledge. At Gulliksson, you can meet with experienced lawyers with specialist expertise within a number of different industries.

If you require access to a global helpdesk or if you need to outsource your intellectual property rights (IPR) functions, we can help you. Take a closer look at our specialized services.

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