Film and music

The film and music industry covers a number of legal areas but normally relates to legal issues concerning commercialization of and collaboration regarding intellectual property rights. Since all industries, and film and music in particular, are developing and changing constantly, the forms of collaboration and contracts must constantly be reviewed in order to meet client needs and business objectives.

Gulliksson has a long experience of advising and representing different players and organizations within the industries in question. We assist our clients with the drafting, reviewing and negotiation of various industry specific types of agreement, including diverse types of licence agreements. We also offer negotiating support and representation in disputes, including representation before court and arbitration proceedings.

Issues relating to moving images – traditional television and broadcasting via the internet through YouTube, IPTV or various sources of streaming and on-demand services – is an area that is traditionally linked to copyright law. But this area is constantly changing in tact with technology possibilities and the development of various download services and sharing capabilities. Gulliksson possesses expertise in the production of traditional feature films and the agreements that may arise, such as financing agreements, rights clearance and licensing. Gulliksson also possesses the knowledge of so-called non-linear TV and film that are distributed and streamed on alternative digital platforms. We represent practising artists and actors as well as film and TV production companies and other players in the industry