Emerging Tech

Legal expertise at the forefront of technology

The global technological revolution is paving the way for a future where digital assets and innovative technologies are not only desirable but necessary to maintain a competitive position in the market. Right now, the rapid growth and pace of development in areas such as generative AI, machine learning, big data, blockchain technology, including NFTs, IoT and deep tech are fundamentally changing the business landscape and most industries.

Gulliksson helps companies navigate the complex legal landscapes and focuses on offering solutions that are forward-looking and compatible with current regulations. When developing or using new technologies, it is important to create frameworks and guidelines after considering issues such as data protection and security, intellectual property rights, liability and risks, consumer protection, marketing law and regulatory requirements. Our proactive approach promotes innovation, protects intellectual property rights and minimises the risk of disputes and infringements.

Whether you are developing new technologies such as new large-scale language models (LLMs), deeptech solutions, offering NFTs to complement your goods or are a user of new technologies, our dedicated and responsive team is here to guide you.