Global helpdesk

From the mid-seventies, Gulliksson has built up a large international network of patent firms and law firms. The main reason for this then was that applications for  patents, trademarks and design protection had to be filed  in each country separately. It also required a locally appointed representative.

These requirements were removed in 1978. But we have continued our international collaborations with regard to national rights, copyright, licensing, trade secrets and litigation. This despite the fact that our lawyers are authorized EU trademark and design agents and litigate before the European Patent Office. The long lasting cooperation and its scope is very uncommon among law firms in Sweden.

This means that we can give Swedish and foreign clients access to a global helpdesk throughout the world. Both in terms of international business and litigation. We also have our own comprehensive experience of cross-border assignments preparing licensing and protection strategies, providing strategic advice in disputes and designing complex agreements at international level.

Issues concerning intellectual property rights, manufacturing agreements and establishments are often raised in countries such as China. Practical problems regarding the protection of intellectual property rights, issues of establishment and cooperation agreements vary between different regions in the same country and between different countries. Good contacts with selected partners who are familiar with local conditions and regulatory framework are therefore a necessity. With our international network, we can also help our clients overcome and handle cultural differences. A factor that is of such importance to take into account in an international business context.