Strategic protection of inventions

For those who have a technical idea and want to make sure that no one can make a profit at their expense, it is wise to apply for patent protection. A patent is the exclusive right to a technical idea for up to 20 years. Thanks to our cooperation with the Ström & Gulliksson, patent consultants and technical experts can help with issues relating to the inventions and other types of innovation in virtually all areas of technology. We have long experience legal representatives in patent infringement and invalidity disputes.

Anyone with an idea that cannot or should not be patented instead have the possibility of obtaining protection through the Act on Protection of Trade Secrets. This can be used to protect and keep technical and non-technical information, such as business plans and customer records, confidential.

As long as the idea or information is kept confidential, this form of protection is very valuable. Amongst other things, it could prevent partners, competitors and former employees from using secret information they have received in confidence.

A trade secret can however not be recorded but protected just by its secrecy and agreements with confidentiality obligations. Therefore, it is important to carry out a proper evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of different protection strategies in each individual case.

Gulliksson has long and unique experience of giving strategic advice in respect to trade secrets. We draw up and negotiate all types of agreements involving trade secrets and know-how, such as confidentiality agreements, evaluation agreements, research and development agreements, as well as other types of agreements.

We can also be engaged as representatives in court cases concerning trade secrets, know-how and better rights to patents or patents pending for inventions. Gulliksson’s lawyers are leaders in this field.