Start-up, growth and expansion

Each new business establishment is a major challenge for a contractor. Whether it is company formation, business strategy, financing, packaging of goods/services, staff management, partner issues or to strengthen its competitiveness by protecting their intellectual property rights – the need for legal aid will often arise at an early stage.

At Gulliksson, we have a wealth of experience of working with companies in the early stages. The challenges are mainly in understanding the needs of the client, in both the short and the long term, and then to be able to help the client make the right priorities given the economic conditions. Finding cost efficient and rapid solutions are often for decisive if a new idea is to succeed or not and in this respect, our attorneys and lawyers play an important role.

Working strategically with risk minimization and structures to take care of the values that are being built up in a newly established business, we can help our clients to achieve critical business objectives. Our experience and working method in the field of growth companies also functions as a valuable knowledge bank when helping the more established activities to enter into a new phase of expansion. With knowledge of each start-up company’s economic challenges, we are always willing to discuss alternative remuneration models.