Food today is as much traditional production as innovation and science. Requirements increase in all parts of the food chain – from field to table. It is just as much environmental sustainability and biodiversity as nutrition and health, taste and pleasure.

The food industry is expected to produce and market healthy and safe food, inform consumers about the nutritional content, environmental impact and social consequences of the product in the different phases of the production chain. In addition, they should promote and preserve biodiversity and animal welfare.

There is innovation throughout the entire chain with traditional methods and products as a resonance box. But new legislation, more active authorities and competitors means that manoeuvring on the market requires more and more thought and foresight. Knowledge of complex food legislation is necessary, whether it is traditional foods, food supplements, particular nutritional uses and FSMP, new foodstuffs, GMO, functional foods or packaging for that matter.  Food legislation covers the whole of this chain and should contribute to the objectives of the company’s production and production methods are realized. New challenges also drive development within the law – you must stay ahead in the flow of news.

We offer advice in all sections of the chain, whether it is a matter of hygiene regulations, product safety issues, composition and content, introduction of new foodstuffs, manufacturing methods, health and nutrition, labelling and advertising and marketing. We also play and active role in various product safety incidents and take part in establishing crisis management plans. We assist clients in negotiations between business partners and with counterparties, authorities and before courts and professional bodies.