IT law

Predict and minimize risks in the digital world.

Technical development is changing ever faster, which means a continuous need of new solutions to legal and business related issues. IT laws deal with legal issues that arise as a result of different types of information technologies and when storing, processing and communicating information.

Gulliksson possesses a unique skill in this area. We help our clients to find solutions adapted to each specific situation, both strategically and commercially. Some examples are systems procurement, infringement protection, development agreements, e-trade, software licensing, consulting services, open source licences, on-line services, outsourcing, data privacy and ASP (Active Server Pages).

We assist our clients in finding processes and establishing policies that ensure information is handled correctly. Our extensive experience in the field of intellectual property– and of reviewing, negotiating and drafting contracts – allows us to predict issues and risks that can arise in IT projects and when entering into agreements both as a customer and supplier.


Hans-Anders Odh

Equity Partner, Office Manager Lund

Jens Olsson

Managing Partner