Automotive Industry

The automotive industry continues to play a crucial role in the Swedish economy. The industry is heavily influenced by market fluctuations and has increasingly shifted focus from manufacturing and industry to high-tech engineering and innovation. Employment opportunities abound, and the automotive industry accounts for almost 30 percent of Swedish manufacturing. With strong companies and brands that are leaders in both manufacturing and development and numerous suppliers, Sweden is an exporter to be reckoned with in this industry.

Gulliksson represents leading Swedish and foreign companies in the automotive industry. We assist clients with intellectual property protection, freedom-to-operate analysis, research and development agreements, licensing, and arbitration.

The automotive industry has a multitude of participants ranging from small to large. We provide well-founded and proactive counsel for a wide variety of business law issues faced by our clients.

Gulliksson provides ongoing advisory services for mergers and acquisitions and contract negotiations, while also serving as a strategic partner for transactions and partnerships, both nationally and internationally. Our litigation lawyers are experienced in managing extensive, complex disputes both in Sweden and abroad, commanding broad knowledge of the industry and its challenges.


Erik Esaiasson

Advokat, Senior Associate

Hans-Anders Odh

Equity Partner, Office Manager Lund