Gaming and betting

The gaming and betting industry involves many fields of law while being regulated by a range of legislation and ordinances. It is also an interesting industry in terms of investment and business opportunities. Gulliksson commands thorough experience in advising and representing all of the industry’s various participants and organizations.

Sweden has made a name for itself as one of the strongest forces in the global gaming industry, which continues to exhibit steady, strong growth. Swedish gaming education is top ranked globally. As an industry, gaming generated over a thousand new jobs in 2018, as reported in the Swedish Game Developer Index on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic stock market in Stockholm. The Index also forecasts continuing growth for Swedish game developers.

Game development is a growth industry with a market and labour pool that are both global in scale. Indicative of continuing growth is the increasing number of accelerators and opportunities for training and education. Additionally, the growing rate of startups is attracting extensive investment and acquisitions, both nationally and internationally. Opportunities for growth abound, and these highly innovative companies are of great interest to investors. In gaming, which complements the software industry, creativity and intellectual property right management are key factors of business success.

The Swedish Gambling Authority ensures the legality, safety and reliability of lotteries, casino games and other gaming and gambling activities in Sweden. In addition to applicable laws, such as the Swedish Gambling Act (2018:1138), the Gambling Ordinance (2018:1475), the Act (1982:636) concerning the arrangement of certain forms of gaming machines, and the Lotteries Ordinance (1994:1451), there are a number of regulations and some general recommendations that must be observed. Gulliksson can provide advice on all types of legal issues that are relevant to the industry, in addition to qualified counsel in all intellectual property matters.

Our specialist lawyers represent participants and companies in the gaming and betting industry both nationally and internationally, assisting them with everything from rights protection to contracts and commercialization. Especially relevant to the industry is our expertise in gaming and lotteries legislation, gambling licensing, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property law issues, along with media rights and market law. Our complete range of intellectual property and business law services ensures that Gulliksson can provide counsel at all levels, from strategic analysis and protection to commercialization and disputes.