Dispute resolution and litigation

Turning the negative into a positive.

Even if litigation is often regarded as the dark side of business, a dispute with the right kind of advice can be turned into something positive – which may even result in new business opportunities. Our starting point is to make a careful analysis of the dispute at an early stage. This creates conditions for avoiding an extensive and expensive process. Our aim is to lift the weight off the client so it can instead focus on its own activities and continue to do business. Our experienced process lawyers take care of the rest.

Gulliksson handles all kinds of business disputes – in general courts, administrative courts, authorities and arbitration tribunals. We represent clients in negotiations, court procedures, arbitration procedures, mediation, international dispute resolution and alternative dispute settlement. We also handle intellectual property infringement investigations, interim prohibitions, measures against piracy and import monitoring. Our experience of processing also extends outside Sweden’s borders.

Through our cooperation with the patent firm Ström & Gulliksson, we also have a technical expertise available to us in the field of patent law, including  authorized European patent agencies who can represent our clients at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich