Trademarks and trade names

From idea to registration and continuous protection of company identity and commercial origin.

A trademark is one of the most important assets for both companies and organizations. Trust and goodwill are built into the trademark together with assessments on quality, lifestyle and expectation.

By registering a trademark, you create an exclusive right that is valid in principle indefinitely. After registration, it is necessary to constantly work on this protection and make any necessary updates. The product range is perhaps extended, new markets established or logos made or replaced. These are measures that require strategic legal considerations and probably revision of existing registered protection.

Gulliksson handles everything relating to the protection of trademarks. From idea to registration and the subsequent continuous work required to maintain this protection. We represent clients at the Swedish Patent and Registration Agency (PRV) or the EU’s authority for intellectual property (EUIPO) in Alicante. We also assist with applications for protection in other parts of the world, partly through various international registration systems or via our international network of partners. Gulliksson also represents companies in negotiations with competing companies and in the event of conflicts that can lead to legal proceedings.

A company name, the trade name, is just as important as a company trademark. Whoever registers a company name receives the exclusive right to it in much the same way as for trademarks. Gulliksson assists with everything from registration of company names to maintaining this protection in the future. The company name exists as long as the company exists but cannot be transferred separately as trademarks can. It is therefore important to receive advice during acquisitions and mergers, for example, for those who want to keep the name but still transfer the business. Gulliksson represents clients both at the Swedish Companies Registration Office as well as in courts.


Emma Carlius

Partner, Co-Chair Trademarks

Hans-Anders Odh

Equity Partner, Office Manager Lund

Jens Olsson

Managing Partner