Intellectual property law

A system to maximize the value of the business.

Intellectual property law is a system that can be used strategically to maximize the value of your business. One product can often be protected by several different types of intellectual property rights. There are many good examples of products that have overlapping protection of patents, three-dimensional trademarks, design and copyright protection. In addition, there is supplementary protection for product names and software. In summary, the system allows for a very strong portfolio of rights to be built up, with numerous conditions and periods of protection to consider. A portfolio with the purpose of being a strong support for the transaction and a resource for achieving the business objectives.

Gulliksson has a large and unique experience to draw up strategies for building up the intellectual property protection required to support and achieve the business objectives. We offer a complete concept to form a company organization for IPR. Primarily, the concept has attracted medium and large size businesses. Gulliksson can also be engaged as an external resource for a company’s needs within its own IPR organization. Here are a few examples:

  • Drafting IPR strategies, steering documents, guidelines and forms
  • Carrying out Freedom to Operate investigations and other IPR-related investigations
  • Handling of applications for IPR, such as trademarks, company names, trade names, patent and design, etc.
  • Intellectual property portfolio management and renewal management
  • Monitoring third party applications and infringement
  • Anti-piracy, managing infringement and invalidity disputes, as well as coordinating international IPR disputes.
  • Negotiations and drafting of contracts in connection with the commercialization of IPR, e.g. through licensing.