Equine Law

Rights, obligations and business opportunities within equestrian enterprises

The equine industry is today a modern and expansive field that generates business opportunities both nationally and internationally. Equine law covers all kinds of legal matters that arises within this field. With reputable shows and competitions, top breeding, prestigious training, cross-border transactions, operation of businesses, and management of farm and land, many areas of business law are affected by the Equine Law.

With the horse as a base creating both opportunities and challenges, nationally and internationally in a market characterized by growth, Gulliksson has specialist lawyers who frequently represent companies and businesses in this field with varying directions. In addition to general law and regulations, specific regulations, statutes and policies for equine law will apply. Often in cross-border transactions international rules and regulations on jurisdiction and choice of law apply.

Equine Law covers also civil law governing legal issues regarding transactions and indemnity, and also other areas of general business law such as  labour law, contract law, company law, mergers and acquisitions, property law, and construction law. We assist our clients in drawing up and reviewing commercial agreements and we also assist in a strategic advisory role for various types of business affected by Equine Law.

Equine law is often complex and require specialist skills. Gulliksson represents individual athletes, entrepreneurs, clubs and associations at various authorities, courts and committees. We can also assist in negotiations and sponsoring contracts due to our knowledge in Sports and Media law.

Gulliksson handles all kinds of business disputes – in general courts, administrative courts, authorities and arbitration tribunals. We represent clients in negotiations, court procedures, arbitration procedures, mediation, international dispute resolution and alternative dispute settlement. Our experience of processing also extends outside Sweden’s borders and our understanding and experience of equine law is extensive. Gulliksson has many employees who are active in sports in different ways, and within equine especially. Some as participants and others as board members or as representatives in reputable associations.

Our clients range from professional riders, breeders, agents, veterinarians, equine authorities and investors that each and together form the backbone and drive development in today’s modern and successful equestrian sports and business.

“Gulliksson is part of a major international network, EUAEL (the European US-Asian Equine Law), which is a collaboration between lawyers working actively with issues relating to horses and business in the horse industry. The network consists of lawyers around the world and together we have more than 40 years of experience in the field Equine Law.

Through cooperation in EUAEL, Gulliksson can assist with major international sales or disputes concerning, for example, cooperation agreements, horse purchase sale of horses and so on. We can also assist our clients, through our EUAEL partners, directly in other countries.

– EUAEL is an important part of our work in Equine Law. Through the network, we always have access to the latest in the law regarding horse industry, but also, through joint forces, affect the political aspects of the legislation regarding horses and purchase of the horse and the development of these issues. It is a great asset to have access to so many talented lawyers around the world and that we can visualize the law about horses and equestrian sports, says Cecilia Tholse Rogmark



Hans-Anders Odh

Equity Partner, Office Manager Lund