With a solid background dating from the late 19th century in terms of both production value and employment numbers, manufacturing is the most comprehensive industry in Sweden. Sweden’s economy, society and international business connections have been shaped extensively by the history and progress of industrialization to this very day.

Sweden now boasts a multitude of well-established, industrial companies that repeatedly make strategic business decisions to successfully expand and pave the way for development and innovation.
The rate of innovation in Sweden remains high, and business law must keep up with this development, digitalization, and new technology. The challenges facing the manufacturing industry involve many fields of law. The legal services Gulliksson provides this industry include intellectual property protection, freedom-to-operate analysis, research and development agreements, licensing, supply and distribution agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and arbitration.

The pace of development and international business relations necessitates ongoing monitoring of both partnerships and contracts. This may also be advised for patent strategies and protection, which Gulliksson offers clients through its unique partnership with Ström & Gulliksson.

Our extensive experience in representing many major Swedish companies in technology, manufacturing, innovation, development, and export industries ensures our clients the support needed to achieve their business goals.


Erik Esaiasson

Advokat, Senior Associate

Hans-Anders Odh

Equity Partner, Office Manager Lund