Life sciences

Medicines, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics each have their own specific regulatory framework. Occasionally, regulatory frameworks can overlap with the result that the issue of classification becomes complex. Strong industry organizations like LIF, Svensk Egenvård and Swedish Medtech contribute to the development of laws and affects both member companies and those who remain outside by contributing to the establishment of good industry practices.
Successful legal advice within life sciences concerns detecting needs throughout the life cycle. And to do the right things in the right order. Irrespective of whether it concerns the development and launch of a cancer medicine, an implant, a medical app or a cosmetic preparation. No matter if it concerns a specific product or the entire operation as such. Understanding both the business and the corporate “soul” is critical to being able to provide good advice.

We assist our clients throughout this life cycle: Establishing and maintaining rights and adequate protection for them. Drafting licensing, research and development agreements. The commercialization phase of production. Application of the regulatory framework and in the execution of marketing activities.

Irrespective of whether it is a newly started innovative company or an internationally established operation, we are well versed in the conditions and needs the company meets. We have also successfully assisted clients in connection with the enforcement and protection of trade secrets.