Intellectual property disputes

Some of the best litigation lawyers in the business.

For a knowledge-intensive company, intellectual property rights are a competitive advantage on an increasingly globalized market. The wheels are spinning faster and faster and digitizing in combination with Internet and new technologies, such as 3D printing, have resulted in major risks of intrusion, not only in Sweden but all over the world.

In order for the protection gained through exclusive rights to be effective, it is sometimes necessary to take legal actions against infringement. A passive business will soon see its market share fall, its trademarks become diluted and its investments decrease in value. At Gulliksson, we have a solid experience of giving our clients strategic advice concerning how their rights can be best protected and what measures should be taken in specific cases. Our unique focus on intellectual property law means we can provide our clients with some of the best process lawyers in the business.

Measures that can be taken at an early stage can, for example, be stopping the import of goods via customs duty, infringement investigations and other forms of measure for securing evidence. We also assist in dispatching warning letters and can bring a case to court if it is found necessary. In the event of a court proceeding, the infringer can be immediately prohibited from continuing the infringement and ordered to pay penalties and damages. There is also a number of other sanctions that can be imposed on the infringer. Actively defending your rights is also a deterrent for others on the market.

Gulliksson also has long experience of litigating in other countries, not least within patent matters. Through our cooperation with the Ström & Gulliksson patent firm, we also have technical expertise at our disposal, including access to authorized European patent agencies to represent our clients at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich.