Media and Market law

Freedom of expression and the right of content.

Media law concerns both freedom of speech issues for companies and individuals as well as the rights to e.g. sounds, images, text and format. Market law regulates the content of communications between a company and its surroundings. This applies to communication between companies as well as company communication with private consumers.

The Swedish Marketing Act is clearly central. But marketing is also regulated for specific products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, financial services, alcohol, gambling and lotteries. In addition to this there are sector specific self regulations, such as the Pharmaceutical Industry’s ethical regulations or the activities of the Swedish Advertising Ombudsman.

We assist our clients, companies’ market departments and communications and design agencies with legal aspects relating to media and marketing strategies, risk analysis in connection with non-commercial information activities, advertising and marketing campaigns and other market activities what­ever the product, media or target group.

Our expertise also includes product specific legislation for pharmaceuticals, food, alcohol, tobacco and gambling. We also represent our clients in negotiations with competitors, authorities and in court proceedings.