Sports law

Broad sporting activities.

Sports law is a broad area with many legal issues that the athlete, sports club or association has to negotiate. A few examples are the liabilities of non-profit associations, the specific sport rules and regulations including transfer windows, or a professional football player’s right to parental leave. In addition to general laws and regulations, also sport specific regulations, statutes and policies will apply. It may be necessary for certain issues to also consider international rules and regulations.

Legal issues in sports are often complex and require specialist skills. Gulliksson represents individual athletes, clubs and associations at various authorities, courts and committees. Both as regards individual disciplinary actions at the respective disciplinary committees or at the Swedish Sports Tribunal. We can also assist in negotiations on athlete and sponsoring contracts. We are also engaged for major sports events to manage the drafting of all relevant contracts regarding sports, events and entertainment.

Gulliksson has many employees who are active in sports in different ways, some as participants and others as board members in sport clubs or as representatives in sport associations.


Hans-Anders Odh

Equity Partner, Office Manager Lund