Labour law

Rights and obligations but also security and satisfaction.

Employers must relate to a comprehensive list of labour law regulations. Not only concerning employment and redundancies but also in the case of reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, anti competition and confidentiality questions, and work environment issues, etc.

The area as a whole is regulated in detail with many mandatory provisions. Legal advice is therefore of the utmost importance so that labour law issues are handled in a proper manner and as clearly as possible. This involves both economics and security. Properly managed issues are also positive from a work ethic point of view between employers and employees. Employees who are treated with respect and consideration always perform better.

During an appointment process, it is essential to investigate and consider what type of employment is right for the company. The selected form of employment affects the employer’s rights and obligations. The Swedish regulatory framework controls the possibilities an employer has to terminate an employment. Irrespective of the reason, it is a requirement that the employer knows and follows labour legislation. Naturally, this also applies during an ongoing employment. Drawing up a distinct HR strategy is something that will always pay off in the long term.

Gulliksson has long and extensive experience as an advisor within the field of labour law. In addition to assisting in the employment start and termination, we also assist employers in negotiations with unions and in the event of court proceedings and arbitration. We also deal with issues concerning cutbacks and acquisitions, incentives and bonuses, as well as competition and loyalty issues.