Wind power

There are good opportunities for a fast and large-scale expansion of wind power in Sweden. Wind power is needed to curb climate change while at the same time safeguarding energy supplies and can contribute to the reduction of electricity prices. When wind power is built in good winds, it is financially competitive, while at the same time creating new jobs. There are strong reasons to take advantage of wind power’s possibilities from many different aspects.

The establishment of wind power is surrounded by a number of different laws and regulations. Prior to establishment, permission, permits or other approvals according to the Planning and Building Act and the Environmental Code are needed.

The owner of the project must also handle the special business law needed for ownership and management of wind farm activities. This can, for example, be skills at the signing of the letter of intent, project agreements, cooperation agreements, partnership contracts and agreements for the regulation of ownership and operation of wind power establishment. To execute a successful wind power project, knowledge of land law, leases and financing is also needed.

Gulliksson has extensive experience of all the issues in this area. We continually assist projectors, real estate developers, wind farm owners and land owners in various wind power projects. We have successfully acted as representatives in authorization and building permit processes in all instances in the Swedish judiciary, from local building committees and the county administrative boards to the Land and Environment Court of Appeal. We draw up a complete package of agreements for wind power operators in respect of ownership, procurement, construction, operation and lease agreements. This combination of services means that we are a unique commercial law partner for all operators in the wind power industry.


Hans-Anders Odh

Equity Partner, Office Manager Lund