World Intellectual Property Day – a day for reflection on current conditions and future improvements

On April 26, 2023, the world celebrates the “can do” attitude of women inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs on World Intellectual Property Day. At Gulliksson, we join in the celebration and reflect on the challenges women face.

As The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) states: ”Women in all regions are shaping the world through their imagination, ingenuity and hard work, but often face significant challenges in accessing the knowledge, skills, resources and support they need to thrive.”

According to a study released by the European Patent Office in 2022, 13.2% of inventors in Europe are women (based on the percentage of women inventors named in all patent applications to the EPO from 1978 until 2019). Similarly, only 1.9% of all U.S. venture capital was allocated to all-women teams in 2022 according to TechCrunch. Despite the significant strides women have made in recent decades, a substantial gender gap persists.

“Gender bias is subtle and difficult to identify. It still impacts women’s careers and advancement in a major way and it needs to remain a topic of conversation”, says Emelie Rexelius, Senior Associate at Gulliksson.

At Gulliksson, we work continuously to encourage more women to use the IP system and discover the benefits. We believe that diversity brings new perspectives that generates innovation, resulting in a more rewarding and successful business climate. We see proof of it daily among our clients and ourselves. Diversity ensures a more rewarding and successful business climate. Our core business is to protect, develop and commercialize our clients’ most important assets and our passion is the fine art of business and intellectual property law.

Ever wondered who invented the world’s first adaptable robotic exoskeleton for children, diagnostic kits for developing countries, how to treat lupus by targeting T-cells or how to turn leaves into a sustainable alternative to leather? Take a moment and discover and enjoy some of the many groundbreaking invention by women – courtesy of European Patent Office.

World Intellectual Property Day is observed annually on April 26. The event was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000 to “raise awareness of how patents, copyright, trademarks and designs impact on daily life” and “to celebrate creativity, and the contribution made by creators and innovators to the development of economies and societies across the globe”.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation. We are a self-funding agency of the United Nations, with 193 member states.