We take you out into the world at large.

For many companies, globalization and internationalization is an integral part of the business. It is natural for us at Gulliksson to be able to follow our clients and support their business even outside the country of origin.

Gulliksson has an extensive experience of international assignments. We help companies establish overseas, provide strategical advice for contractual negotiations and disputes, and draw up complex international agreements.

In addition to close contacts with the Ström & Gulliksson patent agency, we also collaborate with leading law firms and patent agencies all over the world. The work with building up our own and independent global network of lawyers and trademark, design and patent agencies has been ongoing since the early years of the company and is one of our most important assets. Using this network, we can guide you in your international business and disputes when our competence needs to be supplemented.

Issues concerning intellectual property rights, disputes, manufacturing agreements and foreign establishments are often raised in countries such as China. Practical problems regarding the protection of intellectual property rights, issues of establishment and cooperation agreements vary between different regions in the same country and between different countries. Good contacts with selected partners who are familiar with local conditions and regulatory framework are therefore a necessity. With our international network, we can also help you to overcome and handle cultural differences. A factor that is as important when working in an international business context.

Our collaborations are not based on exclusivity. This means that we are always free to choose the international team of advisers that best meets the needs of our clients in each and every situation. Gulliksson is also a member of a large number of national organizations. This gives us access to a comprehensive knowledgebase and additional networks to the benefit of our clients.

A list of the most important organizations can be found HERE:

Swedish Bar association
American Bar Association
International Bar Association
Licensing Executives Society International
The Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
European Communities Trade Mark Association
American Intellectual Property Law Association
International Trade Mark Association
Svenska Föreningen för Industriellt Rättsskydd
The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys
The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
Svenska Patentombudsföreningen
Sveriges Patentbyråers Förening
European Practitioners in Intellectual Property
Svensk Form
Stiftelsen för svensk industridesign
Föreningen Svenska Designers