Do you want to know more about how to get, maintain, and defend a patent in Sweden?

Advokatbyrån Gulliksson’s Partner Magnus Dahlman has together with our associates Ebba Bosma and Sofia Sjöö the privilege to write the chapter on “Patents in Sweden” in the journal

There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to patent litigation and a well thought out strategy is fundamental for success.

If a patent has been infringed, the most effective means of enforcement is through court proceedings. Due to the new Patent and Market Court, the enforcement process is effective and is handled by expert judges and technical experts. An experienced patent litigator will understand the process and can guide the patent owner through the different stages of enforcement.

 As a result of the creation of the Patent and Market Court, there is now no option to select another forum as all disputes regarding patents (eg, infringement or validity proceedings) are handled by the court. However, at an international level, patent owners can choose the jurisdiction in which to commence proceedings considering the different national rules regarding these kinds of disputes.

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