European Parliament approves rules for the internet

Yesterday, March 26, 2019, the European Parliament approved the new Copyright Directive containing rules for the internet.

The directive aims to ensure that copyright law applies on the internet and directly affects platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Google News who will be responsible for certain uploaded content.

Snippets, GIFs and memes are excluded from the directive.

Authors and performers will be able to claim additional remuneration from their distributors and publishers will have negotiation rights.
Start-up platforms are subject to lighter obligations while, non-commercial online encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, are excluded.

The Parliament’s decision is now subject to approval by each EU member state. If the directive text is approved by the member states, it will take effect upon publication in the official journal. The member states will thereafter have two years to implement the directive.

Copyright & Gulliksson
Any original literary or artistic work created by a physical person enjoys copyright protection, including but not limited to:

  • fictional or descriptive representations in writing or speech;
  • computer programs;
  • musical or dramatic works;
  • cinematographic works;
  • photographic works or other works of visual art; and
  • works of architecture or applied art.

In Sweden, copyright is not currently awarded to works created by computers for example, AI generated music.
Copyright is not registered but arises automatically at the time of creation of the work itself. Copyright protection applies throughout the life of the creator and extends for another 70 years thereafter.

At Gulliksson, we have many years of experience in assessing whether a product or other subject matter enjoys copyright protection. We also have extensive experience in relation to enforcement and commercialization of copyright.
If you have questions regarding the new Copyright Directive or any questions concerning copyright, please contact Gulliksson’s Senior Associate Emelie Rexelius.