Gulliksson offers equine law advice

Equestrian sports are Sweden’s second-largest sport for youth, sixth-largest sport overall and a highly popular spectator sport. Swedish horse breeding and trading is on the rise, and equestrian Peder Fredricson was awarded this year’s prestigious Jerringpriset for best sports performance of the year by a Swedish athlete. The equine industry, which generates substantial sales in Sweden, is well-deserving of Gulliksson’s sharp focus on equine law.
“These days you don’t even need to be a horse enthusiast to know that the equine industry is loaded with prominent personalities, exciting companies and major investments. Gulliksson provides advice in all areas of business law, and equine law is a specific area where we can provide specialized expertise,” says Cecilia Tholse-Rogmark, partner at Gulliksson.

Large transactions require business law knowledge, stables with employees brings labour law issues to the fore, and property acquisitions require property law expertise. The Swedish equine industry is now generating more sales than ever before. Cecilia points to the equine industry’s increasingly large transactions and ancillary activities as a reason for putting the spotlight on equine law, as these require navigating many different legal frameworks.

“Trading in animals is always a specialized area, but with horses, you have the professional sports angle where the animal itself could ruin an entire career if it does not meet expectations. This could involve substantial investments in a product subject to change. In other words, a lot of money with a high level of complexity and risk.”

With offices in Malmö and Lund, Gulliksson boasts both a natural proximity and local insight into Sweden’s largest horse country. “Skåne is home to many established and reputable equine industry companies that not only operate in Sweden but are world leaders. Skåne is also home to well-known riders, breeders, trainers and agents.”

“Personally, I have sometimes felt that transactions related to equestrian sports and businesses have not been taken seriously enough, which is surprising considering their size. So far, we have mainly seen individual lawyers active in this area, but the higher values, greater complexity and increasing number of international transactions we now see in this industry demand the expertise of related areas as well,” says Cecilia.

The Swedish equine industry was borne out of strong club roots, and equestrian sports are now widely played and popular. Increasingly more people see the potential in investing in land ownership, breeding, property development or running their own business with employees.

“What starts out as a love for animals can flourish into a booming business with the right advice. In southern Sweden, horse owners not only own horses and stables but also have business interests in wind power, agriculture, places of education and breeding. Many of our clients in this area conduct business in many different industries.”

Equine law is an area where legal issues relating to purchases and damages are often hot topics, but areas such as labour law, contract law, company law, mergers and acquisitions, property law and construction law also often come into play.

Gulliksson represents individual athletes, entrepreneurs, clubs and associations at various authorities, courts and committees.

“We assist in contract negotiations and have vast experience in both national and international disputes in this area. Many parties in different countries, such as advisers, agents, buyers and sellers, are often affected by a transaction or dispute. This requires considering the applicability of different laws, and on this basis, being able to assess risks and rewards and then advise with a suitable strategy.”

“What we are doing now is highlighting the expertise we have always had at Gulliksson but in a clearer way. Many members of our firm are very active and greatly involved specifically in the equine industry not only as practitioners but also as board members of various associations and other activities in various sports clubs.”

Gulliksson is one of the leading law firms in Sweden within our specialized areas. With offices in Malmö, Lund and Stockholm, Gulliksson offers a full range of services in the field of intellectual property and commercial law, combined with specialist expertise in a variety of industries. We will assist you in all stages from strategic analysis and protection to commercialization and managing your disputes.