Håkan Hallström


Lund, Malmö

+46 40 664 44 24

+46 76 724 40 02

Håkan Hallström is one of our salary partners and works from our offices in Malmö and Lund. He works mainly with the purchase and sale of companies/businesses and with issues related to insolvency law.

Håkan Hallström is responsible for and heads our Transaction Team where issues related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate law and investments in growth companies (venture capital) are common.

In day-to-day operations, he assists – usually as project manager of our team – buyers and sellers of companies and businesses. Given Advokatbyrån Gulliksson’s specialization in the field of intellectual property, it is not uncommon for IP rights and technology to be of great importance to the deal. Within the framework of our Transaction Team, he also assists our clients in matters relating to investments in development and growth companies.

In addition to the above, he is one of our bankruptcy administrators and active in our insolvency team. He is regularly appointed as bankruptcy trustee by courts in southern Sweden but also undertakes assignments as liquidator and company reorganizer.

Finally, of course, he assists the firm’s clients generally in the general area of property law and in matters where “companies are in financial crisis”, i.e. typical insolvency-related issues such as recovery in bankruptcy, co-responsibility under the Swedish Companies Act or advice on a company’s course of action when difficulties have arisen in paying its costs as they fall due.

If you want to get in touch with Håkan Hallström, or are in need of advice in his specialty areas, you are welcome to contact him.

  • Company law
  • Contract law
  • Insolvency and Financing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


Salary Partner, Advokatbyrån Gulliksson


Senior Associate, Advokatbyrån Gulliksson


Associate, Advokatbyrån Gulliksson


Law Clerk, The District Court of Kristianstad


Summer Clerk, The District Court of Blekinge


LL.M., Lund University


University of British Columbia, Canada

105 credits, economics courses, FEK A+B+C and NEK A

  • The Swedish Bar Association
  • Member of the College of Restructuring and Bankruptcy Administrators in Sweden - Rekon