AI act: The European Council and Parliament strike a deal on the first rules for AI in the world

On 8 December 2023, following three days of intense negotiations, the Council presidency and the European Parliament’s negotiators reached a provisional agreement on the proposal on harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (AI), a.k.a the artificial intelligence act. The purpose of the draft regulation is to ensure that AI systems placed on the European market and used in the EU are safe and respect fundamental rights and EU values.

EU legislators report that the main idea is to regulate AI based on its capacity to cause harm to society following a “risk-based” approach, meaning the higher the risk, the stricter the rules. As the first legislative proposal of its kind in the world, it may set a global standard for AI regulation, similar to the GDPR, which would further promote the “European approach” to tech regulation on the world stage.

The provisional agreement states that the AI act should apply two years after its entry into force, with some exceptions for specific provisions.

Next steps
The AI Act will now be finalised for formal adoption by both the Parliament and the Council to become EU law.

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