Gulliksson is participating at the INTA conference in Boston

This year’s INTA conference will take place in Boston, May 18-22, over 6,500 companies from nearly 200 countries are members of INTA, the International Trademark Association, which annually organizes a well-attended conference.

Gulliksson has for many years been represented at INTA’s conferences and Gullikssons’ lawyer Åsa Righard is also a member of the committee, read more about it here. This year’s conference is held in Boston and a team of three IP lawyers, Hans-Anders Odh, Åsa Righard and Therese Grennard, will attend the conference.

INTA’s annual conference is the world’s largest and most visited trademark conference, and attending is a very rewarding opportunity to meet clients and to connect with colleagues around the world. At Gulliksson, we take advantage of these opportunities to the greatest possible extent. We always work actively to expand our international contact network in order to best meet our clients’ needs in an increasingly internationally recognized branding right, says Therese Grennard, associate at the law firm Gulliksson.

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