Gulliksson’s UPC team

Gulliksson currently has seven registered UPC representatives with good experience in all aspects of patent litigation and expertise in the UPC who are ready to help both strategically around UPC and to represent in proceedings before the UPC. The UPC has only been up and running for a month, but already on the first day Gulliksson’s attorneys were there and filed a lawsuit that turned out to be the first before the Nordic-Baltic division. So, we already have first hand knowledge and experience of the system.

Our regional division has a lot to offer from a competitive perspective. It is the only regional division and has only one language – English. For the Nordic-Baltic division, there is therefore no risk of having to conduct a process in any language other than English, which increases predictability and the ability to follow the process. In addition, most of the cases have now been assigned to the German local divisions, which may contribute to shorter processing times. Do you need advice or want to know more? Please contact one of our registered UPC representatives Per Svärd, Magnus Dahlman, Therese Grennard, Hans-Anders Odh, Jens Olsson, Ebba Bosma or Magnus Johansson.