Gulliksson har blivit rekommenderade av flera oberoende rankinginstitut som en ledande advokatbyrå inom immaterialrätt. Här följer några exempel på vad några av de internationella instituten har skrivit om oss.

Chambers Global

Chambers’ guides are the culmination of thousands of in-depth interviews by the largest research team of its kind and are trusted globally to objectively rank the world’s best lawyers and law firms.

Chambers Europe

Chambers’ guides are the culmination of thousands of in-depth interviews by the largest research team of its kind and are trusted globally to objectively rank the world’s best lawyers and law firms.

Legal 500 Top Tier


’Extremely competent team. Won every case. Dare to give advice.’

‘Very good with clients in terms of service, pro-activeness and can explain to people that aren’t lawyers.’

Per Svärd. Must be the best in Sweden. He has been right (and won every case) every time – 100%. Besides, very nice to deal with. Understands the reality of his clients’ businesses.’

‘The good thing about Gulliksson is that they have all different types of expertise in-house and man every issue according to your needs.’

‘They are extremely attentive and fast when contacted for help. They also monitor an extensive portfolio of trade marks in a very cost-effective way.’

‘Excellent client care, great technical ability and fun to work with.’

Hans-Anders Odh is a superb lawyer with elite legal skills.’

‘Expertise combined with personality and genuine consideration for their client’s best interests.’


”They have extensive experience across several jurisdictions and industries, an ability to quickly understand complex issues and you can tell the lawyers genuinely enjoy what they do!”

”The team is proactive and makes clear recommendations on how to proceed with different issues. The team drafts in different people with different specialities as needed but only after having consulted with the client.”

”Gulliksson continues, as always, with a very high level of expertise in advisory matters. Speed and high quality are a sign for them. As a customer, we always feel safe with Gulliksson as our legal representative.”

”The team is really good with IP licensing.”


Tidigare citat

”This practice has a deep knowledge of EU trade mark law and litigation, and is properly equipped to successfully deal in pan-EU trade mark litigation.”

”Gulliksson is extremely reliable in their delivery and quality, especially in the field of intellectual property. Their unique collaboration with the patent firm Ström & Gulliksson creates an edge on the Swedish market that no other firm can compete with in patent litigation.”

”In my view, the firm has lawyers with a much better understanding of patents and patent law than other law firms in Sweden. This makes patent litigation, when cooperating with my firm, a very enjoyable experience.”

”Brings a unique combination of specialised skills in IP matters combined with humbleness, courage and business understanding.”

”One of the strengths of the practice is the speed with which they answer and address your problems. They have an excellent network of foreign contacts which provides country-specific advice. Their knowledge of the law is excellent.”

IAM Patent

2023 Silver – Firms: litigation

Simply the best firm in Sweden, Gulliksson is a top choice for any contentious IP matter. The practitioners at the group are familiar with all the tools in the IP toolbox.” The outfit’s dream team of “Magnus Dahlman, Therese Grennard and Jens Olsson are well versed in patent law. The trio has a fantastic grasp of complex technology and its application in a legal context.” Department head Dahlman is a partner of choice for start-ups and multinationals from the life science sector to the technology space. Recently he joined forces with Grennard to keep infringers at bay on behalf of Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG. The duo also battled it out on behalf of leading pharmaceuticals player Sandoz in a complex validity and infringement case. A favourite among domestic and international clients, Olsson draws on his expertise in IP and marketing law when handling contentious and transactional matters.

2022 Silver – Firms: litigation

“A formidable presence in the courtroom, Gulliksson’s lawyers are thorough, hard-working and innovative in their approach, and they never miss a single detail in complex cases.” They regularly act on behalf of industry heavyweights in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and technology industries, and have recently been representing Bosch in proceedings against Electrolux, as well as Sandoz in a tricky dispute concerning three patent families. “An absolutely brilliant and phenomenal litigator”, Magnus Dahlman took the lead on the latter. His knowledge of regulatory issues brings an added dimension to the practice, and, similarly, in Malmö Jens Olsson combines his IP and marketing law knowledge to secure crisp results in both contentious and transactional settings.


“Top-tier firm Gulliksson has an experienced, diligent and knowledgeable squad that have a presence in the courtroom.” It works side by side with premier prosecution outfit Ström & Gulliksson “to gain a firm understanding of technical concepts and swiftly implement them into a judicial framework”. The set is fazed by nothing; and with Magnus Dahlman and Jens Olsson on deck, rights holders facing critical disputes can rest easy. “A premier choice for life science briefs and a tough adversary, Magnus has a keen eye for detail and calmly puts forth convincing arguments.” Based in Malmö, “Olsson expertly reads any room he is in, be it in court or at the negotiating table, and provides sharp, strategic and tactically soundadvice”.

IP Stars Ranked Firm

MIP 2022

Gulliksson offers the clients a complete range of services and high degree of specialisation within the field of intellectual property law and litigation.

Gulliksson has its origin in the patent law firm Ström & Gulliksson, founded 1975 in Malmö. They now run separately, but with the unique collaboration in shared offices at several locations in Sweden. In this way the firm can offer the clients a unique and complete range of services within the field of intellectual property rights and litigation.

Gulliksson can be described as:

  • With Swedish measures a unique combination of a patent law firm and a business law firm (with IP specialization)
  • Covers the whole value chain in terms of IP, from strategies – searches – filing & prosecution – commercialisation – enforcement & litigation.
  • High success rate and many land mark IP court cases (Supreme Court).
  • High profile clients
  • Very strong patent litigation team, covering all industry sectors
  • Renowned experience in cross-border litigation and complex IP-work
  • Highly praised for its business approach when providing legal advice.